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Women's Design

Need a new look, fresh style, or simply a clean-up? At Dattilo Hair, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’ve got curly, thick hair, or straight thin hair, or a mix of something in between, we know how to deliver your new, gorgeous look. Give your hair the attention it deserves with our stylist design, and enjoy your new look.


Men's Design

Tight tapers and definitive lines are the items that create the polished hair design. We’ve worked for years to perfect our signature design haircut. Whether it’s for the “interview” or the first of many dates, let us help put you on track for success with a fresh new look today.

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Your hair color is a statement to your spouse, family, and world about who you are. It provides an opportunity for you to express a feeling, a notion about what you want your identity to say. Whether it is a bright “balayage” painted blonde or bold fashionable reds or violets, our color sense will take you where you want to go.


Tame the “unruly” hair types with a Tris-Sola Keratin smoothing treatment.

Also available Tri-Sola Plus Keratin Treatment for extra resistance or unruly hair types. Long-lasting and completely formaldehyde-free.

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You want to look your best and are keen to have your hair done by a professional hairstylist. Our blow-dry services are one of a kind and will give your hair that star-quality treatment and care you crave. Pamper yourself with a stunning hairstyle at our studio and walk out looking and feeling great!

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