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"Your Evolution Revolution"

I'm Steven.

I’ve been a hair stylist for over 30 years. I love seeing the looks of excitement on my client’s faces when they see the results of their hair. I truly believe that a new hairstyle can help people show up more confidently and unapologetically in their lives. 


Being able to thrive in this industry means staying on top of current trends and education. Annually, I attend hands-on seminars in New York City to keep up with the latest trends and education. I’ve worked with the top hair coloristss and educators at Redken, Wella, and Arrojo. I’m currently working with educators at Goldwell, who provide top-notch salon education. 


Want To Keep Your Hair Looking Great Between Salon Visits?


Get the tools and resources to create salon-ready looks at home, in a streamlined, efficient, and beginner-friendly way. Learn all the tips and tricks to become your very own personal hair expert. 



The Dattilo Hair Membership will help you remove the stress of taking care of your hair on a daily basis and teach you new tools, tips, and tricks to maintain healthy hair every single day.


The best part? You get direct access to Steven Dattilo in a 90-minute monthly Q&A session with him to ask him all of your personal hair questions. 


Say goodbye to confusing masterclasses or YouTube tutorials, and get personalized hair care tips for your skill level with the Dattilo Hair membership.


Shop Haircare

Looking for high-quality hair products for in-between hair appointments? Check out our collection of haircare products. 

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